What happens when you look in the mirror?

Do you smile at yourself and get on with your day? (If you do, rock on!).

For many women, looking in the mirror is difficult.

The mirror can be your worst enemy when you’re focusing on perceived flaws and critiquing them.

If looking in the mirror has become something you avoid or dread, this post will help.

I’m exploring what makes your experience in front of the mirror such a nightmare and sharing a different way of looking at your reflection.

Mirror, mirror….

When you look in the mirror, do you focus on individual parts of your body? Maybe you criticise different parts? One day you pick on your boobs, and another day it’s your nose?

This habit of looking at your body in sections when you look in the mirror fuels body obsessions and worsens body confidence.

When women look at their bodies, they divide them up, looking at each part individually. This is partly down to advertising and marketing, which has taught us to see our body in sections.

We’ve been conditioned to assess our arms, legs, boobs, face, separately because there is a product or ‘solution’ available to deal with each of our ‘problem areas’.

Change the way you look in the mirror

It’s actually much healthier to look at yourself as a whole. Although your parts individually may not measure up to the unrealistic beauty standards that you see, they do fit together to form YOU!

The next time you look in the mirror, use a full length mirror that reflects all of you. Avoid focusing in on any particular body part, and get used to seeing how your body fits together to create you in all your uniqueness.

Using this technique will help stop you micro-focusing on those things that you don’t like.

Although the wider purpose of body image work is to get you focusing less on your body and more on your life, it’s important to learn tools that will help you to break destructive body habits that keep you stuck in a cycle of body hate.

This technique is particularly useful if you find yourself obsessing about certain parts of your body when you look in the mirror.


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