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We have many half head hairpieces available in one off colours for only £15 

How to wear a half head hairpiece - 

 Half head hairpieces also known as a 3/4 hairpiece is the most amazing way to look glam within seconds and whats so nice about a half head is that your own hair still shows at the front and the rest of your hair blends in so it really doesn't feel like your wearing anything.

Half head hairpieces are built around a light weight slightly stretchy mesh cap attached to the mesh cap is two long flexible combs one at the front and one at the back.

Step 1 : Put your hair in a loss loop bun or simply pull your hair back 

Step 2:Push the front of your hair forward over your face then place the front flexi comb at the top of your head and slide the comb firmly against your scalp then do the same for the bottom flexi comb and place it underneath your loose low bun so that you loose low bun is within the hairpiece and you cant see it.

Step 3: Then you can back comb your own hair at the front over the seam of the hair piece  

Easy as that - we do have a tutorial on you tube - The pussydollpalace

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